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  • How Busy Is It?  Is It Hard to Get Times?
    We limit the memberships at each location to 35 monthly members to ensure good access to times for everyone. In the Summer it is a bit less busy and you can often book times the same day or a couple of days out. As you can guess the Winter is busier and takes a bit more planning but times are usually available 5-7 days out.
  • Where are all of the Private Fairway Locations?
    There are currently 7 Utah Locations!. The original Private Fairway is in Springville at 54 North Main Street. Private Fairway Orem is just off I-15 at the Orem Center Street exit at 113 N 1200 W. Private Fairway Bountiful is now open at 74 E 500 S. Private Fairway Sandy is at 8665 Highland Drive Private Fairway South Jordan is at Bangerter Highway and 9800 S Private Fairway Farmington is just west of 89 on Shepard Lane Private Fairway Midway is in the heart of Midway at 93 West Center Street
  • How do I become a member?
    Becoming a member is easy. Simply choose your memberhip. Fill out the from and set up a time for an orientation. You will also need to sign the membership agreement and pick up your key fob.
  • Can a member book at any Private Fairway location?
    No. Membership is limited to your sign up location because we limit the number of members at each location.
  • Can I bring my friends and guests?
    Absolutely! You can bring your friends to play a round or just work on their swing. Private Fairway features the Trackman 4 simulator, a large putting green and lounge area. You will be responsible to have your member guests sign the Member Guest waiver when they arrive.
  • How long are the sessions?
    Sessions are blocked in 50 minute increments with 10 minutes between. You can block out up to three consecutive tee times for 2 hours and 50 minutes. All tee times are on a first come first served basis. Members can hold up to three (3) 50-minute sessions. As soon as use a time and have less than three you can book your next time. This policy ensures access to all members and reduces no-shows.
  • I am a Golf Instructor.  Can I use my membership to teach?
    For sure! Just book a tee time and meet your student there. Hopefully they will love it and want to become a member too.
  • Can I Cancel My Membership?
    If you are a Monthly member you can cancel up to the end of your current month. Annual and Premium members can cancel each year at the end of their membership agreement. If you move away, get injured or something we will be happy to work with you.
  • Why Only 35 Memberships?
    We want to ensure the best experience possible and we aren't sure how much you will use your membership. If we find we can accomodate more members we will add a few. If we find it is too busy we will reduce them.
  • Is Private Fairway a Franchise?  I want to open one.
    We are currently exploring third-party expansion for Private Fairway outside of Utah's Wasatch Front. If you would be interested in opening your own Private Fairway please contact us at
  • Can I bring guests?
    Yes! Any member can bring guests at no additional cost. The member is responsible for the guests and we have an easy guest waiver they can fill out on their phone.
  • What is the difference between monthly memberships and punch passes?
    They work the same. Monthly members just have the ability to book unlimited time each month and their membership is billed monthly. Punch pass members have a limited number of sessions they can book and the sessions expire after 6 months. So if you want to use it a few times a week the monthly membership is better. If you want to use a few times a month the punch pass is better.
  • How many bays are there?
    Just one! We want our members to have the best possible experience so when you are there you have the entire place to yourself. Privacy for you, your guests and your golf game.
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